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    Bang! is now recruiting for BUSINESS MANAGER, CREATIVE DIRECTOR and WEB DESIGNER for the first issue of The Oxford Scientist (publishing Hilary 2018). To apply, please contact by THURSDAY 7th DECEMBER, detailing your relevant experience and why you would like the role.

    We are also recruiting business team members, publicity officer, article writers and sub-editors. Email to find out more and get involved!

    We are looking for talented, enthusiastic individuals for every aspect of the publication, and are always recruiting for the roles below:

    • Blog Writer
    • News Writer
    • Artist*

    These roles do not have an application form. Simply send us an email outlining your motivations for getting involved, and any relevant skills and experience you have.

    * Send us an email with a few samples of your artwork.

Passionate about protons?  Enthusiastic about enzymes? Zealous about zirconium?

If so, we want to hear from you! Bang! is looking for keen, motivated individuals who want to communicate their love of science to members of Oxford University and beyond.

There are a plethora of positions available within the team:



The sub-editors edit the articles that are published in Bang!. They work with the writers to prepare perfect, polished pieces that are ready for print.


Creative Directors

The creative directors lead the creative team, and are responsible for everything artistic and design-related. There are typically two Creative Directors – one focusing on art, the other on layout.


The artists produce the wonderful illustrations that give Bang! its visual identity. They work with the creative directors to come up with attractive and relevant artwork for each article.

Web Team

The web team construct and manage the website, ensuring it is always updated with Bang!’s latest content.

Business and Marketing

Business Director

The Business Director leads the business and marketing teams. They are in charge of advertising, subscriptions and funding.

Events and Publicity Director

Liaises with other scientific societies within the university to publicise and organise speaker events. Manages the publicity team, promoting Bang! both within and outside of the university, and co-ordinates the distribution of the magazine.

Business Team

The business team is responsible for negotiating advertising deals for the magazine. Like any publication, Bang! costs money to print, so our business team play a vitally important role!

Publicity Team

The publicity team promotes Bang! by organizing events and producing publicity materials. They are also responsible for the distribution of the magazine to science departments.

Writing and Podcast

Magazine Writers

Where would a magazine be without articles? The writers produce pieces for the magazine typically ranging from 300 to 1200 words. We are also always looking for people to write content for the website – news stories, opinion pieces, blogs and features.

Magazine writers are not required to submit an application form. Instead, they submit roughly 100 word abstracts summarising each of their article ideas. These are then reviewed and commissioned by the editors. Click here for some sample abstracts.

Blog Writers

The blog writers produce regular content for the website, writing engaging, topical, sometimes opinionated pieces ranging from 300 to 1200 words.

News Team

News writers receive the latest scientific press releases and produce a fast stream of short news pieces to keep our readership informed about developments in the scientific community.


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